Equestrian Activities Overview

There are many things that you can do when you have a horse. You can use it as a means of transportation. If you are in the area where you can use your horse to go someplace then they are good to use. Horses could be used in farms and they serve as a means for transportation for the management of the farm. But they can also be used for riding for pleasure. If someone wants to relax and go to a good place where nature is beautiful, he can just ride the horse.

Horses could be also trained to help in performing some works. An example is that they can control animals in a herd in a ranch. They can also be used by police to patrol or even military. It has been used many times in war that had happened before. When they do not have equipment and machines that are advanced. But horses are also being trained so they can compete. There are different events for a competition like a dressage, eventing, endurance training, vaulting, driving, rodeo, tent pegging, show jumping, reining and many more.

Horse shows could also be organized and so many participate on it. The shows only feature competitions for the horses in various categories. But horses are also used for hunting, trail riding, and even for healthy development and emotional development. Horse riding could give a positive effect. They could also be used during a rescue mission in areas not accessible by other modes of transportation.